The Handbook

Your Step By Step Guide to Success

Helping Students Successfully Navigate the College Selection Process

Are you READY for a better understanding of the college selection process? Parents and students, looking for a guide to navigate the admissions process every step of the way? Some of the crucial topics covered…

– Mapping out the High School years for grades 9-12

​- How to create your college list

​- How to write college app. essays

– PSAT, SAT and ACT information

​- NCAA eligibility requirements

– And much more! 

We’re here to help as much as you need.  

Contact Matt, and start your path to finding the perfect college for you.

"Your handbook was awesome! Very easy to follow, well written and informative."

Wendy, Chicago, IL

"Wow, just wow. The detailed information and steps you share are incredible."

– Jennifer, San Diego, CA