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The Importance of Back to School Night

“You only get one chance to make a first impression,” is a quote I’m willing to bet runs through the minds of numerous teachers in preparation for Back to School Night each fall. It’s one of the few moments they can share their philosophy with a captive audience of...

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Understanding College Applications

Ready Set Apply….wait a minute- what type of application does the college or university require? During the fall of senior year, students are faced with the time-consuming task of completing their college applications. Warning To All Parents; your child’s mood most...

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AP Classes: The Pros & Cons

“How many AP classes are you taking?” Is a question commonly spoken and heard throughout the year in high schools across the country, and it’s not just the students asking. Parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators are all involved in this topic. AP...

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Decision Time

Congratulations, you’ve earned multiple admissions offers from the schools you applied to in the fall! This is a time in your life that’s filled with excitement, happiness, and I’m willing to bet a little confusion on the ultimate next step…where to enroll? With some...

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It’s Course Selection Season

Spring is considered a time of new beginnings and opportunity. How does this relate to high school and college admissions? The answer is, selecting your courses for the upcoming school year. True, that answer was pretty basic, but it’s important to remember because of...

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Why Campus Life is Important

One of the most thrilling experiences when attending college is the first week of freshman year when a student realizes they’re on their own and it’s time to begin creating their individual college experience. This moment can also be quite scary, I personally remember...

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Applying to an Out of State College

“There’s no place like home” but what if a high school student is looking for a new environment, opportunity or challenge when it comes to where they’ll attend college? If they find themselves looking for something different and are willing to travel some distance,...

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Early Action vs. Early Decision

Like all decisions in life, there are pros and cons that follow the path you decide to take. During the college selection process and certainly during the fall application time period, some students are faced with the dilemma of applying early decision or early...

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