About Matt Hunt

From the moment I stepped on a high school campus as a new teacher, I realized the passion I have in seeing students work towards and ultimately achieve their goals.

I’m Matt Hunt

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After graduating from Ohio University in 2000, I began my career in education working as a high school Special Education teacher in Poway Unified School District located in San Diego, CA. During those first four years of teaching, I found myself wanting a new challenge…earning a Masters Degree and becoming a School Guidance Counselor. While I loved teaching Special Education I found myself wanting to work with all kids within the high school environment.

In 2005 I successfully earned a Masters Degree in School Counseling from National University and secured a position as a High School Guidance Counselor. Since that first year, I’ve worked with students as they prepare and launch their college selection journey.  What I quickly realized is the process is mixed with a number of emotions ranging from excitement to feelings of being overwhelmed, resulting in students and parents needing help. My desire to help more students and parents outside of my high school led me to create College Hunt, with the goal of helping as many students find that perfect postsecondary fit. All of these interactions have given me years of experience and insight into what it takes to make the college selection dream a reality.

“We cannot thank Matt enough for the guidance he gave our son throughout the entire college search journey.”

-Mark, University of Washington.


As a career educator, my passion is seeing students work for and earn their postsecondary goals. Spending everyday planning effective strategies to increase their success and opportunities is a dream come true.

Getting ready for College? Don’t know where to start? I’m here to help.